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Adventure in Kangaroo Island
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I am going to share how much fun is it when you move out with your housemates. Apart from cooking or doing some bakeries during weekends, we will also have different plans for our semester breaks. In Australia, if you have got a car, you can go everything, inter-states…even cross the ocean. Most of the people choose to go some popular states or places for travelling, luxury trip with good foods and shopping, however we choose to have adventure! Have you heard about Kangaroo Island? This year, we decided to go there have a short road trip instead of taking the flight to somewhere, we drove the car on the big ferry and across the ocean. This island like a very small old town, not modern at all, there are not much shops, even supermarket or fast food restaurants, no Coles or Woolworths, no McDonald or KFC. All you can see is tree and the sea. We drove our car along with the ocean, we wonder there is no kangaroo in Kangaroo Island when we had a long day there. At night, when we drove back to our motel, it normally took few hours to get back, the real adventure has just begun. As there are not much cars and thus high speed is permitted, driving around 100km/hour with a dark night, and suddenly some kangaroos jumped out to the main road and look at you, it was very dangerous as you have to dodge them while aware of the opposite line having car or not. When we got back motel, we saw some kangaroo jumping around, we didn’t go to touch them as we not sure will they attack us or not. After a night, we no wonder this is Kangaroo Island.

We have spent 3 days there, all the views are just magnificent. What’s more, as we couldn’t receive any signal there, we were not able to go Internet, it was pretty a good way to relax and have a real holiday to isolate ourselves from the Internet, otherwise we couldn’t enjoy such a good view there.