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Australia is Wild! | An International Student Accommodation Blog

A few days ago, I shared a post with some incredible photos about how amazing the wildlife is in Australia, and so I wanted to write a quick blog about it to follow up! This is the first in a series of blogs that I’m going to write in a series called “Australia is…” and we’ll be sharing all kinds of cool stories on our Facbook page as well, so make sure to like us!


When I decided to come to Australia, the incredible wildlife that the country has was definitely one of the key selling points. I was so excited to get off the plane and start encountering different animals that I’d only ever heard of before, and couldn’t wait to get started.


One of the very obvious things I wanted to see was a kangaroo. I mean, they’re so cool! As you can see from the picture, I had some success.


I also really wanted to see a Koala bear, because we don’t have them in Canada, where I’m from originally. When I got to touch one at Wildlife World in Sydney, it was such a fun experience. They’re SO soft!


174Australia is wild in many ways, but it’s wildlife is one of the things that makes it unique from anywhere else in the world. Of course there are all kinds of wild experiences to be had, but you’ll just have to experience those for yourself!


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