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Welcome Back – School is starting again!! Okay, maybe you’re not excited about school starting again soon, but I bet that you’re excited to be back in beautiful Australia! The first few weeks back after a long break (or when you’re starting for the first time) are always stressful, so I wanted to write this blog with […]


  With the Christmas season just around the corner, and all the excitement that it brings, I thought I’d write a blog about spending the holidays in Australia!   As many of you know by now, I am Canadian, and am therefore used to very traditional Christmas’ with lots of snow and warm fires. So, […]


Australia is a beautiful place that can make almost any day seem wonderful at first. But, after a little while, the novelty seems to wear off a little bit and you begin to miss things from home.  You miss your old friends, your old routines, and especially your family. With that in mind, I thought […]


Whenever you’re in a new and wonderful place, there are always many different emotions that bubble to the surface. You’re nervous and excited. You’re happy to be somewhere new, but sad to leave behind the old. You feel both confident and scared.   We at Student Solutions know what those feelings are like, and we […]


One of the biggest questions that I’ve ever faced as an international student is “how much traveling should I do?”   There are SO many options for places to go, and things to see, in Australia alone, not to mention all of the beautiful surrounding countries! But as we all know, money can be a […]


I recently graduated from university, and I wanted share my thoughts around that with you all!   University is a long journey. Starting out on day 1, you have no idea the incredible experiences you’re about to have, and the amazing amount of work that will be required of you. All that you know is […]


One of the things that I have always loved so much about Australia is that it has a unique ability get my heart beating. No other place in the world has ever been able to get me as excited and passionate about life as Australia!   From the incredible (and sometimes dangerous!) wildlife, to the […]


                                  For this blog I thought I’d change things up a bit and write about something that I know almost everyone loves – food!   Food is really special because in almost any culture in the world, food is […]


Hey everyone! I just wanted to write a quick a blog about the importance of finding the right student accommodation in Sydney, or the right student accommodation in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter!   There are two main reasons to make sure that you choose the right student accommodation. They are: […]


Hey everyone! I’m writing this blog as part of our “Australia is…” series that you’ve seen on our Facebook page and in some of our earlier blogs too! This one is devoted to showing why Australia is a great place to study because of how multicultural it is!   When most people think about Australia, […]

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