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Hey everyone! For this post I thought I’d write a bit about what it’s like to be an international student during the Olympics, as it’s definitely a different experience than most people have!



To begin with, I’m a proud Canadian, and as such, I always cheer for Canada first. But while I was in Australia studying, the Summer Olympics in London were running, and I found myself cheering (almost) as much for my newly adopted home of Australia!



It’s really different cheering for more than one nation at the Olympics, because we’ve all been used to only cheering on our home country growing up. As we grow older and become “global citizens” however, we begin to feel a very strong connection to the places that have adopted us as their own, and we want to do the same.


I always felt so welcomed in Australia that it just felt natural to cheer on their athletes in London, and during the Winter Olympics I’m still cheering for them as my second home.


Komak is the Canadian Olympic Moose

Komak is the Canadian Olympic Moose

It’s my hope that you’ll feel this same kind of connection to Australia while you’re here, and that there will be room in your heart for a second nation.


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Best of luck to everyone as they enjoy the Olympics! I know that athletes from around the world will have amazing success.