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Once you’re finally on the airplane after a lot of time and preparation, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the flight. For most people, the flight to Australia is a long one. In my case, the total journey was close to 30 hours! That means that you need to have lots of reading material, lots of music, and lots of snacks, because every air line is different when it comes to food. For what it’s worth, I flew with Qantas and they were amazing about passing out food so I was never hungry, but other airlines may not be as generous.


Another amazing feature about flying today is that airlines now over so much video content while you’re on board! I spent most of my time watching movies, and it was a great way to pass the time. I found TV shows weren’t as interesting in that setting because they’re so short, but make sure to spend lots of time relaxing and watching something! It’ll make the time “fly” by (do you see what I did there?)


Another tip that I would like to offer is to stay hydrated! This will really help to fight off the nastiest effects of jet lag. Drink lots of water, and avoid drinking alcohol while on the flight because it will dehydrate your body quickly, leading to a trip that feels longer and you feeling jet lagged when you get off the plane. There will be plenty of time to party later!


In most cases you’ll have a stop-over at some point during your trip, which is an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs. My one piece of advice is don’t spend that time sitting down! After such a long flight and another one on the way, it’s a good idea to move around the airport, and get something real into your stomach before you tackle the next leg of the trip.


Once you arrive in Australia, you’re so excited that you’ve finally made it, and I can tell you that there are amazing opportunities waiting for you. My next blog will focus on your first few days in Australia, so stay tuned for that!