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When you Miss Home | An International Student Accommodation Blog

Australia is a beautiful place that can make almost any day seem wonderful at first. But, after a little while, the novelty seems to wear off a little bit and you begin to miss things from home.  You miss your old friends, your old routines, and especially your family. With that in mind, I thought I’d write this blog about missing home!


Tip #1: Find a new normal


One of the best ways to avoid missing the past is to create a better present. With that in mind, make sure to take advantage of the incredible opportunities of being an international student in a country like Australia. If you focus yourself on meeting new people and soaking in new experiences you’ll find that you won’t miss home nearly as much. Also, establishing new routines that keep you feeling comfortable can be a great way to stay happy in your new home.


Tip #2: Take advantage of technology


We’re really lucky to be living in a day and age where we can easily reach the people who matter most to us anytime we want. You can use things like Facebook and Skype to connect with the people you care about at very low costs. None of these opportunities existed in the past, so make sure to take full advantage of them. If time zones are an issue, then set up a standard day and time to Skype with people and make sure that you’ll both be available. Sometimes something as simple as Skyping with my parents while I was eating breakfast made being away from them much easier.


It’s natural when you come to a new place to miss the things that you’re used to, so don’t feel badly about it. Hopefully these tips will help you be that much more comfortable as an international student in Australia! Make sure to share some of your favourite ways to keep in touch in the comment section!