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My Life in Australia
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Hi everyone! I am Valerie, who is coming from Hong Kong (HK). I have been to Adelaide – South Australia 3 years long, this is my fourth year. Let me tell you some of my personal experience in Australia.


In my first year, I was living in a homestay. It was such a good opportunity and experience when you come to another country to know more about the culture of that country, also the best way to improve your English when you get along with the local people.


When I lived with the Australian family at the first 3 months, I can’t understand what are they talking about. On the other side, they don’t know me either. The Australian accent is different to the England, it is hard for us to understand. So the only way to improve and get better is… PRACTICE! You will have lots of chances to practice everyday, speaking and listening are the most difficult skills unlike the reading and writing, you can learn it from the book. You have to practice in a real life, talk to them and listen carefully. If you are coming from HK, you must know you have to pay a high rate for employing a foreigner to teach you English and speak to you. So when you have got this chance, do not hesitate anymore, just GO AHEAD!!!


After three months, I have get used to it that I even don’t realized. I get used to their accent, their speed and their jokes! When you are leaving your family and hometown, living in homestay is a pretty good choice. They will treat you like their family members, giving care and preparing all you need. But one thing that you may not easily get used to it is…FOOD! We had rice every meal (except breakfast), instead of having sandwiches or salad.

I remember one time they have prepared the uncooked mushroom for me, and I thought they are just joking. To adopt a new life, new culture and new language are definitely not easy, especially for the Asian. But…life is about exploring!! Try new things, and you will discover something interesting and change your life.

Now, Australia is my second-home! Are you ready to begin this journey?