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Roo’s Clues | An International Student Accommodation Blog

One of the first things that people usually mention when talking about Australia is all of the incredible wild life that you can find there. Many people have never seen a kangaroo, a wombat, or a koala in the wild before they “rock up” to Australia for the first time.


One of my favourite memories was of my journey was the first time that I saw a group of wild kangaroos while I was visiting a friend in Perth, Western Australia. I had seen a few roos earlier during my trip when I went to the zoo in Sydney, but there was nothing quite like the experience of seeing a group of them in their natural habitat.


With my roo friends at the bar!

With my roo friends at the bar!

An even cooler experience came a few days later, when my friends took me out to a pub in the bush. This pub had an outdoor patio, and the kangaroos were so used to be fed by people out there, and they enjoyed the water that was put out for them so much, that they just hung around and would come right up to you! There were even mother’s with their young still in their pouch! It was like nothing I had ever experienced before!


My other great Kangaroo experience was at Cleland Wildlife Park just outside of Adelaide, South Australia. The roos there were so comfortable with you, that you could feed them right out of your hand! I still can’t believe how adorable they were, especially the babies! They certainly knew how to use their cuteness to their advantage.


Did you know that there are over 60 million kangaroos in Australia? That’s more than the population of Canada and Australia combined! For me, the roos were a clue that great adventure awaited me in Australia. What kind of clues are you seeing that are leading you towards Australia as well?