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Spending the Holidays in Australia | An International Student Accommodation Blog


With the Christmas season just around the corner, and all the excitement that it brings, I thought I’d write a blog about spending the holidays in Australia!


As many of you know by now, I am Canadian, and am therefore used to very traditional Christmas’ with lots of snow and warm fires. So, as you might imagine, it was quite different when I spent my first Christmas in Australia!


Probably the main thing that was different from home was the heat. It seemed so strange to be outside in the bright sunshine with blue skies overhead, all while celebrating the Christmas season. The wreaths on the doors and Christmas lights everywhere seemed so out of place given the Australian weather.


What I can say is that Australians love to celebrate the holidays as much as the rest of us do! Everyone is so full of cheer and happy to invite international students to spend time with them over the holidays.


While it may feel really different than being at home, many Australians have their own holiday traditions that will start to feel really normal after only a few short years! For instance, many Australians love to go to the beach on Christmas day. While that may seem odd to someone like me, who comes from a place where it’s normally freezing on Christmas, it’s great to embrace new traditions and experience exciting new cultural things. After all, being open minded is an important part of being an international student!


What are some of your holiday traditions? And what are some of your favourite new Australian traditions? Let us know on Facebook!