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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back – School is starting again!!

Okay, maybe you’re not excited about school starting again soon, but I bet that you’re excited to be back in beautiful Australia! The first few weeks back after a long break (or when you’re starting for the first time) are always stressful, so I wanted to write this blog with some survival tips!


Tip #1: Get your accommodation sorted

Deciding where you’re going to live can be a major stressor for international students, so it’s important to get your accommodation needs sorted out as quickly and smoothly as possible. Whether you’re looking for student accommodation in Adelaide, international student accommodation in Sydney, international students accommodation Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, our Student Accommodation Finder can help you find the right place.

Tip #2: Get your banking set up

If you’re a new international student in Australia, one of the first things you’ll want to do is get your banking arrangements sorted out.

Most banks will be able to help you set up an international student account quickly and easily online before you even arrive, so that once you get to Australia you can already have some money available to you. All you will have to do to access it is show up at the branch once you arrive and show them your passport to confirm your identity. Our Student Help Centre also has all the information that you need for setting up your banking!

Tip #3: Do things that interest you

One of the most common fears when starting a new journey is how to meet people and make new friends. My advice on this topic is simple: do the things you love, and you’ll meet people with the same interests! Do you like art? Then join an art club or society! Do you like to exercise? Then join a fitness class! Many of the universities in Australia also have fantastic resources for people to meet each other, so make sure to check those out as well!

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